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BÒ Càphê draws in the customers who are in the mood to feel like thirty dollars and only spend twenty-five.

On a sun-filled afternoon, clips of sunlight enter through the front windows of BÒ Càphê. Small wafts of balmy air ruffle the foot-long curtains which line the ceiling, and in between each layer of creamy fabric, plants are clipped upside down from metal hooks. The greenery hangs down like a woman’s voluminous, crimped hair, where some some strands dangle longer than others. Read More

It is the type of restaurant only committed couples go to, since the place pleads for romantic conversation. 

“You’re alone?” are the first words you hear walking into Mediterranean cuisine, Timna, on a Saturday night. Upon entrance, soothing chords of acoustic guitars serenade the candlelit dining room with thick tables, rimmed with rich mahogany and an oak center. On each table sits a small candle hovering in a mason jar and a variety of recycled milk bottles, holding white tulips. Read More